July Meetings

The first week, 1 July, We were invited to join Pan Fos and their Limassol teacher for a guided meditation 4km from Black Velvet. This meant that our first Good Vibrations date was 8 July where we met at Vardas for drinks and a chat of a spiritual nature.

Our next meeting is at Black Velvet for a U-tube video (1 hour) by the neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter discussing his book  “Grain Brain” in a question and answer format. It is very, very interesting as he delves into the effects of grains and sugars on all aspects of Neurology / the brain.  ADHD,  Altzheimers (often called diabetes 3),  Parkinsons,  Autism and many non-neurological topics as well.

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Social Night at Vardas

Wednesday 3 June
Come and meet your like-minded folk in an atmosphere of friendship and support as we get to know who’s who in the alternative field in Paphos.

Some folk are practitioners, some are not, all are seekers on the path.

We’d love to welcome you. This week at Vardas on the Beach at Kissonerga.

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Onnetsuki Therapy

27 May
Ingrid Marshall

Ingrid will be introducing the ONNETSUKI  to Paphos.

What is Onnetsuki  – It is based on 4 scientific theories for health;

  1. NASA’s FAR Infrared Ray is the healing vibrational energy from sun (8-14 micron of wave) and closely resembles our own when healthy.
  2. Japanese traditional concept of “degenerated cells (body temperature) are cold.” Moxibustion.
  3. Dr. Abo’s new Immunology. Strengthen immunity by balancing the Autonomic Nervous System.
  4. Using Acupuncture Meridians for the flow of blood, lymph and Ki energy.

Onnetsu Therapy heals one’s own healing power naturally, it is beneficial in all diseases and chronic health problems without side effects.

This talk and demonstration will be held at 6 pm at the Holistic Centre across the road from the Laura Beach Hotel.

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Metatronic Sacred Geometry Healing

20 May

METATRONIC SACRED GEOMETRY HEALING is a multi-level, multi-dimensional treatment using healing mandalas to clear blockages from your past lives through your Ancestral lineage.

It works on your major energy centres and energy bodies, and leaves you feeling a sense of deep peace & relaxation, with a better understanding of yourself & your life-purpose.

This talk will be at Black Velvet. Helena will be exhibiting there during the day, and we will join her there at 6 pm.

Black Velvet is on the Tomb of the Kings Road
From the Mall, turn into Tomb of the Kings Road and you will find Black Velvet a short way along on your left. It is just after a Bakery, and has signs outside for alternative practitioners.

Michael and Leonora provide fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and health options for meals. You can call Michael for directions 9944 7312.

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The Divine Feminine in Art

13 May
Stella Karageorgi

Stella gave us a presentation on ‘The Divine Feminine in Art’. From the depths of history the feminine was considered sacred and was worshiped as the matrix of creation. The wise, sensual and nurturing nature of the feminine was associated with the concept of fertility and creation, and took the form of the Great Mother Goddess in many ancient religions.

After the presentation we discussed the masculine and feminine principles in each of us, whether currently in a male or female body, and how we can learn to bring these into balance.

Stella is a fine artist and a researcher. She studied Fine Arts and Art History in the USA and holds a doctorate from De Montfort University in the United Kingdom. She lives and works in Paphos. We will be seeing more of Stella.


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Toxin-Free personal care products

6 May 

A big thank you to Anna for explaining to us how toxins in every beauty and body products can increase our total body load of toxins which ultimately can lead to ill health. We should always look to be exposed to fewer and fewer toxins and changing over to more natural personal products is a huge step forward in achieving this.

Anna brought her own products, such as face creams, body lotions, eye serum, lip balm, lip gloss, tooth paste, deodorants, shampoos and more, all beautifully hand crafted with only natural ingredients offering tasters and give-aways. Her amazing beauty and body care products were a delight to sample.

You can find Anna at the Duck Pond every Sunday and Wednesday to see her range of wonderful products.


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Mental Poverty vs Success Consciousness

Mike Reid
29 April

Our own Michael presented his talk, in his enthusiastic and inspirational manner, on Mental Poverty vs Success Consciousness.  He spoke of  how this relates to universal laws and principles which govern our whole life. This talk was beyond motivation, as we identified, who we really are and what we are here for. And we addressed real life solutions to daily problems, challenges and adversity, by understanding how we really create our own reality, perspective and journey. We were given simple pragmatic  life coaching techniques to address our personal challenges.

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